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Up to 6 "girls" can join us for a day of mylar bagging, lunch, and homemade wine! 

  • 2 hr
  • 400 US dollars
  • Manor Drive

Service Description

Dive into the world of Mylar bagging and discover how to extend the shelf life of your pantry essentials, bulk buys, and even vitamins. This workshop is designed to make food preservation enjoyable and easy, so you can keep your favorite ingredients fresh and ready for any occasion! What to Expect: 1. Mylar Bagging Basics: * Introduction to Mylar Bags: Learn about the unique properties of Mylar bags and why they are perfect for long-term food storage. * Choosing the Right Size: Discover the different sizes and types of Mylar bags to suit various storage needs, from small spice packets to large bulk items. * Essential Equipment: Familiarize yourself with the necessary tools, such as oxygen absorbers, heat sealers, and labels. 2. Preserving Cooking Necessities: * Grains and Pasta: Get hands-on experience sealing grains, pasta, and other dry goods to maintain freshness and prevent spoilage. * Flours and Baking Supplies: Learn how to preserve baking essentials like flour, sugar, and baking powder to keep your pantry ready for any baking adventure. * Spices and Herbs: Discover the best methods for preserving the flavor and potency of your favorite herbs and spices. 3. Bulk Purchases and Beyond: * Beans and Legumes: Understand the best practices for storing bulk purchases like beans and legumes, ensuring they stay fresh for years. * Snacks and Nuts: Explore how to keep snacks, nuts, and other dry foods fresh and delicious for longer. * Vitamins and Supplements: Learn how to properly store vitamins and supplements to maintain their efficacy and longevity. 4. Creative Mylar Bagging Tips: * DIY Survival Kits: Get creative with ideas for making emergency food kits and personalized snack packs for outdoor adventures. * Long-Term Storage Solutions: Discuss how Mylar bagging can be an integral part of your emergency preparedness plan. * Labeling and Dating: Master the art of effective labeling and dating to keep track of your stored items and ensure you use them at their peak freshness. Lunch and Wine Tasting: After an afternoon of learning and hands-on practice, enjoy a sumptuous lunch featuring fresh, local ingredients. Relax and savor our homemade wine, made here at the retreat. It's the perfect setting for good food, great wine, and even better company. Who Should Attend? * Girlfriends looking for a unique and educational day out. * Anyone interested in food preservation and emergency preparedness. * Home cooks and food enthusiasts of all levels.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at 561-329-2191. Thank you in advance!

Contact Details

  • 212 Manor Drive, East Stroudsburg, Smithfield, Pennsylvania 18301, USA


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