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Up to 6 "girls" can join us for a day of gardening, lunch, and homemade wine! 

  • 2 hr
  • 400 US dollars
  • Manor Drive

Service Description

Gather your girlfriends for an enriching and enjoyable day at our gardening workshop, where you’ll learn how to transform your backyard into a flourishing garden oasis. Whether you’re new to gardening or looking to enhance your skills, this workshop is the perfect opportunity to cultivate your green thumb and discover the joys of growing your own food. What to Expect: 1. Gardening Basics: * Getting Started: Learn the essentials of starting your own garden, from choosing the right location to understanding soil types and sunlight requirements. * Garden Planning: Discover how to plan your garden layout, select the best plants for your space, and rotate crops for optimal growth. * Grow Bags: Get hands-on experience with grow bags, a versatile and space-saving option for growing vegetables, herbs, and flowers. 2. Protecting Your Garden: * Animal Barriers: Learn effective strategies to protect your garden from common pests such as rabbits, deer, and birds, ensuring your plants stay safe and healthy. * Natural Deterrents: Discover how to use natural deterrents and organic methods to keep unwanted critters at bay without harming the environment. * Fencing and Covers: Explore different types of fencing and protective covers that can shield your garden from various animals and harsh weather conditions. 3. Fertilization Fundamentals: * Understanding Soil Health: Gain insights into soil composition and learn how to test and amend your soil for optimal fertility. * Organic Fertilizers: Discover the benefits of organic fertilizers and composting, and learn how to make your own nutrient-rich compost at home. * Feeding Your Plants: Get practical tips on when and how to fertilize your plants to promote healthy growth and bountiful harvests. 4. Gardening Fun and Creativity: * DIY Plant Markers: Create your own charming plant markers to keep your garden organized and add a personal touch. * Herb and Veggie Planters: Design and plant your own herb or vegetable planter to take home and start your garden journey. * Garden Tips and Tricks: Share and learn clever gardening hacks and solutions to common problems from fellow gardening enthusiasts. Lunch and Wine Tasting: After an afternoon of learning and gardening fun, enjoy a delicious lunch featuring fresh, local ingredients. Relax and savor our homemade wine made right here at our retreat. It’s the perfect setting to unwind, enjoy great food, and connect with friends over a shared love of gardening.

Cancellation Policy

To cancel or reschedule, please contact us at 561-329-2191. Thank you in advance!

Contact Details

  • 212 Manor Drive, East Stroudsburg, Smithfield, Pennsylvania 18301, USA


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