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Buffy Wilson
A 'Cousin'

Buffy grew up in Pen Argyl, and graduated from Pen Argyl High School in 1986. Having previously experienced travel and living in California, her journey brought her back to her roots of the Pocono area which strategically placed her near the 4or Girls Retreat. 4or Girls Retreat could not survive without her proximity, which allows her to assist in our guest needs and the needs of the house.  


Buffy is familiar with customer service, as she was involved in the retail industry since she graduated from high school. Her customer care carried her from stock-girl to Manager.


After moving to California in 1989, Buffy was quicky promoted to manager of a high-end, million-dollar, popular woman’s clothing chain.  As manager she supervised up to 30 people, developed schedules, maintained inventory, performed all accounting and banking tasks, completed detailed reports and worksheets, created employee schedules, interviewed, hired and occasionally fired employees, conducted employee performance evaluations, planned and conducted promotional events, and developed weekly newspaper ads. Buffy has a keen eye for creating attractive merchandise displays and knows the importance of product placement to maximize sales. In other words, she knows how to make things “pretty”, inviting and warm.


In 1998, Buffy became a mother to a beautiful daughter and later to twin boys. She was fortunate enough to leave the world of retail to be a stay-at-home mom where she utilized her organizing skills, planning, scheduling, budgeting and “filling customer demands” for taking care of her family.  


4or Girls Retreat and our guests are blessed to have her commitment, her customer-care experience and proximity will bring you most of our “favorite things”.  Buffy’s knowledge, experience and finely-honed skills in all facets of the retail industry, coupled with her knowledge and love of the community, love of family, makes her an invaluable and much-loved partner. 

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