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Donna Jacomet
The 'Aunt'


As a Public Affairs Officer, working for the second largest water retailer in Southern California for nearly 30 years, Auntie Donna brings a plethora of knowledge, experience, and skills in the vast realm of public outreach and community relations.   


During her career, Donna developed advanced knowledge and skills in graphic design, public speaking, intranet management, planning and holding community and employee events, overseeing multi-million-dollar customer campaigns, cross-promoting, distribution of information and communication through all media platforms, and received numerous awards and recognition for her advanced skills as well as for providing excellent customer service to the communities she represented, water district customers, and her fellow employees. 


Donna has been retired from the water district since 2016 but hasn’t slowed down one bit.  Not only is she bringing all her knowledge, experience, and skills to 4or Girls Retreat, she enjoys spending time with her four grandchildren, traveling in her motorhome with her husband Dave, and serves as a seasonal Activities Director at a large RV Resort in Oceanside California.


“Auntie” Donna is our partner in crime, 4or Girls’ mentor, encourager and supporter! Her creativity brings you many of our workshops! She’s the aunt everyone wants and/or needs, and we are blessed to have her in our lives and on our team!!!

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