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Deana Cerniglia
A 'Cousin'


Deana Cerniglia was an inner-city, high school teacher with her BA in Psychology and Masters in Education. When she became a mother to her daughter, she decided to put her energy and focus into her children and left her career. She and her husband had two more boys and eventually opened a non-profit for teen/young mothers, called The Open Door. 

Deana’s passion for educating and showing people ‘a better way’ was prompted by her ability to break her own generational cycles, as she too was born to a teen mother. She created a board of directors, fundraised, networked, wrote life skill curriculum utilizing an REBT approach, learned how to grant write, organize events, pitch the program to prisons, hospitals and the like. This experience led her to write a memoir about her life and how sin is passed through generations. The Open Door is now transitioning into Breaking Cycles, LLC and will have on-line classes.


Deana’s passion for women, organization and cleaning, also prompted her to start a business called OCD-Me. Her love of beautifying rooms, interior design and organizational techniques now helps other women create spaces they love, enjoy and work more effectively.


Today, this author, business owner, wife and mother of three wants to welcome you to 4or Girls, where women take care of women! Along with her aunt, cousin and best friend, they’ve created a space and a retreat that will pamper you, grow you and accommodate all your needs! We at 4or Girls can’t wait to share all of our enthusiasm, creativity, favorite things, workshops, fun things to do in the area and our beautiful space, with you and your “girls”. 

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